Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Seven Stones (1979)

An excellent album by Teddy Lasry and one of my favourites. In this album he uses many great synths such as the ARP Odyssey, Moog Micromoog, Prophet 5, Korg PS-3300, Korg Polyphonic Ensemble and the RMI keyboard computer which was the world's first digitized portable musical keyboard instrument. Simply beautiful!



Anonymous said...

I love love love Teddy Lasry! Hadn't managed to find this one - thanks a ton for posting!
I'm not sure if I've taken the time to comment here before, but your blog is excellent.

Anonymous said...

many thanks great electronic albums Teddy Lasry

Anonymous said...

please upload TEDDY LASRY-ACTION PRINTING, LP, 1975 is great álbum electronic , many thanks Thaneco

Anonymous said...

Other great álbum very good electronic is Teddy Lasry ‎ La Femme Qui Venait D'Ailleurs great álbum electronic

Zero the hero said...

Do you have the album "La Femme Qui Venait D'Ailleurs"? I was looking for this one, its very rare...If you have it please upload it. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very sorry Thaneco , I also am looking for La Femme Qui Venait D'Ailleurs very hard you find them , it,s great álbum electronic , I've only listened to the sample and is very good in you tuve



Many thanks Thaneco

Anonymous said...

I also do not have La Femme.

I have these ones, if you're interested in any I can upload soon:
Action Printing
Back to Amazonia
E=MC2 (his best, if you ask me!)
Modern Way
Seven Stones (thanks to you!)
Racing (this is Patchwork 24, half of the album is Lasry and the other half is Claude Perraudin)

Anonymous said...

thanks glown upload please Teddy Lasry back to amazonia , action printing and adventures many thanks glown

Anonymous said...

I put them all into one zip file, I hope that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much glown this great music of the great composer Teddy Lasry , it,s posible upload racing , Racing Patchwork 24? , many thanks

the saucer people said...

Many thanks Glown for posting rips of the Adventures and Back To Amazonia albums, most appreciated.

The wonderful Progressreview blog has also posted a number of rare Teddy Lasry albums that as far as I am aware, have never surfaced before (the mighty Pornotrond has also recently posted the Love Valley album on his blog!)

If you check the comments section on this link, you should find all the rips, including the rare La Femme Qui Venait D'Ailleurs album which was mentioned above in the comments.


I have posted a few Teddy Lasry album links in the comment section including a link for Racing PW 24 as requested above

Luiz Fernando Cambotta said...

hey Glown, just wanted to say that i admire you as a human being.