Thursday, November 21, 2013

Programa - Sintesis Digital (1983)

Programa was an electronic music duo formed in 1983 by Carlos Guirao, who had recently left Neuronium, and Josep Antoni López. In 1999 López joined with José Maria Ciria, who had previously worked with Guirao on both solo and Neuronium albums, to relaunch Programa.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Carlos Guirao - Revelation (1982)

Guirao was one of the pioneers of electronic music in Spain. Together with synthesist Michel Huygen and guitarist Albert Giménez, Guirao formed the best known Spanish electronic group, Neuronium.
The first Neuronium album was titled Quasar 2C361, (EMI-Harvest, 1977). Next came Vuelo Químico (chemical flight) released in 1978. It was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s literary work and featured the legendary Nico (The Velvet Underground).
After Vuelo Químico, Albert Giménez left the group and Neuronium became a duo. In 1980 Neuronium released Digital Dream under its own indie label, Neuronium Records. Digital Dream featured guitarist Santi Picó as a guest.
Guirao continued his work with Neuronium, releasing The Visitor (1981) and Chromium Echoes (1982). In 1982, Guirao left Neuronium. That same year, he released Revelation, a solo album that continued the Neuronium sound. Revelation featured Guirao on synthesizers and Jose Maria Ciria and Manolo Torres on drumsThe album is all "wav" files (not mp3 - so you get the whole quality of the record!)Get it!