Thursday, August 6, 2015

Analogy vol.1 (compilation - 2005)

Create - Analogue Revival [8:02]
Remotion - Freeflight [5:17]
Loren Nerell & Steve Roach & Chuck Oken - Zone Patrol [8:14]
Paul Ellis & Steve Roach - Where are you? [5:58]
4m33s - Elegy [3:56]
Gert Emmens - The Morning after [6:23]
Syn - Viking Mission II [7:52]
Russell Storey - Cosmic Kiwi [6:43]
Kees Aerts - Grey Keys [7:45]
Altres - Brain Flame [7:54]
Modulator ESP - Tsunami [5:18]
Ian Tescee - Aquamarine [3:49]

The "Analogy Vol. 1" compilation was spawned under the ruling that each artist could use no more than 3 analogue synths (not counting drum machines, effects units, etc.). The music ranges from traditional sequencer-based berlin school (create, syn, altres, modulator esp), via melodical (remotion, emmens, aerts, tescee), ambient (ellis and roach, 4m33s) to experimental (nerell, roach and oken, storey).                                                                                                           

Programa ‎– Acròpolis (Flac format - 1985)

Programa (also written Program@ since 1999) is an electronic music duo formed in 1983 by Carlos Guirao, who had recently left Neuronium, and Josep Antoni López. They released two albums together, Syntesis Digital (1983) and Acropolis (1985).
Here (flac format)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thaneco - The Myths Of Panas

Just a quick reminder for the new readers of this blog:
Thaneco's "The Myths Of Panas" is still available for free download here: