Monday, April 28, 2014

Alluste - Aliens Enigmas (2013)

Alluste is Piero Monachello, a composer of Berlin-school electronica from Italy. This album has beautiful and transparent melodic layers with classic Berlin-school basslines. Here..

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Software - Past-Present-Future vol.1 (1987)

"Past-Present-Future, Vol. 1 is a collection of "the best music" from three Software CD's plus three new tracks. Michael Weisser and Peter Mergener chose tracks that represent the confusion caused by the vanishing of traditional logic and structure as advanced technology takes over. Mergener and Weisser are the ultimate anomaly. They are lamenting the downside of new technology while using the advanced technology of digital e-music. They have done that often and sometimes they have missed by a mile and a half. They hit this one dead center. By any and all standards, this is an excellent blend of Berlin school electronica and sci-fi ambience. It will appeal to fans of Rudy Adrian, Craig Padilla, Ron Boots and Ian Boddy. It is hard to find and usually available in cut-out bins." (taken from "allmusic" site)
Track 1 originally released on "Beam-Scape"
Tracks 3, 4 and 6 taken from "Chip-Meditation"
Track 7 taken from "Phancyful Fire"
Tracks 2 and 5 previously unreleased.

Get it..

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Software - Cave (1993)

The project "Software" was founded by Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser in 1984. Last release was "Mystic-Millenium Vol.2" in 2000.
In 1990 Georg Stettner and Klaus Schulze joint the project for album "Fragrance" and released it together with Michael Weisser.
In 1991 until 1993, Michael Weisser and Billy Byte released albums "Modesty-Blaze I." and II., and album "Cave".


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Synco 85-89 (1990)

The SYNthesizer COoperation SYNCO was founded 1984 in Berlin by Frank Klare and Mirko Lüthge. They bought some expensive analog equipment from Tangerine Dream and composed music in their 80s style. This album is a big compilation of their three cassette albums from the years 1985-1989. Nice melodies and very enjoyable to listen to..          
Mirko Lüthge used:
Synthesizers: PPG Modularsystem, Korg MS-Modularsystem, PPG Wave 2.3 & Waveterm B, PPG Wave 2.0, Elka Synthex, ARP Odyssey, Korg Mono/Poly, Minimoog, Roland Juno 60/106, Sequential Sixtrack, Sequential Prophet One
Sequencers: Fricke MFB 501, EEH DS 500, EEH CM4, EEH CM3

Frank Klare used:
Synthesizers: PPG Wave 360, PPG Wave 2.0, Moog Prodigy, Minimoog, Roland 100M Modularsystem, Roland Juno 6/60, Prophet One, ARP 2600, Yamaha DX 7 II D, Yamaha EMT 10
Sequencers: Fricke MFB 501, EEH CM4
FLAC format (big size download but perfect quality!)