Sunday, March 31, 2013

Area - Maledetti (1976 -Flac format)

Maledetti (Maudits) is the fifth album of the Jazz fusion band Area and was released in 1976. It can be considered a concept album: during the XX° century, an imaginary bank in which history is stored, loses data from the XV° century ("Evaporazione"), causing people forgetting how to govern the world. Some new hypothesis are formulated: power to old people ("Gerontocrazia"), power to women ("SCUM", which uses as lyrics a reading of a writing by Valerie Solanas, the chief of the feminist party SCUM, which stands for "Society for Cutting Up Men"), and power to children ("Giro, giro, tondo" and "Caos (parte seconda)"). "Il Massacro di Brandeburgo numero tre in Sol Maggiore" is a fragment of Johann Sebastian Bach's thirdBrandenburg concerto.

In Flac Format (large file)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Area - Crac! (1974)

Back to prog rock! Enjoy this amazing album from the legendary italian progressive rock band Area.
Area - International POPular Group, most commonly known as Area or AreA, is an Italian progressive rock, jazz fusion, electronic, experimental group formed in 1972 by singer Demetrio Stratos and drummer Giulio Capiozzo. They are known for their left-wing adogmatic Socialist and Communist lyrics. Dedicated to the european union elite!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chuck Van Zyl - Cenotaph (2012)

Exercising his capabilities for symbolism, imagination and creativity van Zyl summons a mysterious cosmic energy - emanating from the nexus of technology and thought. Spacemusic fans know of a new way of listening, as the construct of music has dematerialized into a heightened inexpressible experience. But the greatest music reaches past the initiated.
Chuck van Zyl hits on all the major aspects of this genre, his melodies are human, rhythms machine-like, harmonies ethereal and the range of timbres he creates to voice his music are original and extraordinary. This music is a sincere exploration of the mood and mystery of the Spacemusic genre. With a strong core idea and strong execution Cenotaph offers vast sonic riches. Here we find an intelligence extending beyond the cold logic of machines - as well as a significant contribution to a most intriguing musical universe. The man who made this music is in this music - attending to his own inner theater. Chuck van Zyl makes us believe that we have not just listened to his work, but lived it. (taken from "Cue-Records - Germany" website)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ian Boddy - Options (1982)

Ian Boddy is a prolific British electronic musician and composer. He has been active for over 3 decades with numerous releases and contributions to many international labels such as Flowmotion, Mirage, Signal Records, Colin Potters ICR (Integrated Circuit Records), Third Mind, his own label DIN Records (founded in 1999) and many more.His creative output has been influenced from the 70’s German Krautrock/electronica and especially bands like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.
In the late 70’s and early 1980s Boddy began experimenting at an Arts Council funded Studio in Newcastle called Spectro Arts Workshop, where he was able to use the facility and its equipment (e.g. VCS3, EMS, etc.) to compose and record his first compositions.
This early period resulted in 3 cassette releases on the Mirage label, which showcased Boddy's work with analogue synthesis and tape manipulation."Images" (1979/80), "Elements Of Chance" (1981) and "Options" (1982). Here is "Options"

Ron Berry - The Reaper (1988)

Ron Berry is a true electronic musician who uses a variety of sound devices (some self-built), from analogue and digital sources. This album, as the sleeve notes suggest is part of a series of reissues to cdr, spanning his 9-album output from 1980 to the present day. With a distinct late 80's Neuronium sound this 4-track album is quite an inspiring piece of work. This album was actually recorded during 1986 and is number 5 is the reissue set of 9. It is quite a varied work and apart form the aforementioned influence it is hard to compare this work with any other EM related artists out there. Very atmospheric, sometimes creepy and other times very melodic! for you!