Friday, March 20, 2015

Moggi (P.Umiliani) - Omaggio Ad Einstein (1976)

Here's Piero Umiliani, travelling through time and space, all the way from 1976, when he made this album in the Sound Workshop studio. The title in English is ‘Tribute To Einstein’.  It is beautifully simple music, and is therefore a fine antidote to the complexities of scientific theory.
It was published at Umiliani's "Omicron" label. The history of Omicron and other independent labels of the master Umiliani began long ago , when the musician, just eighteen, was looking for a publisher for his compositions .
Umiliani , forced to invent pseudonyms to not overcrowd the field of sound design with too many records to his name . Zalla , Catamo , Tuscus , Rovi , Moggi , Ruscigan are some of these nicknames with which he signed his compositions . Those records , which rarely exceed three hundred copies of circulation , are made by hiring the cream of Italian musicians including pianists Antonello Vannucchi and Enrico Pierannunzi , bassist Giovanni Tommaso , drummers Vincenzo Restuccia and Gege Munari trumpeters Oscar Valdambrini and Marcello woods, to name a few .

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