Saturday, March 14, 2015

Piero Umiliani - Synthi Time (1971)

Produced in Umiliani's own laboratory of sound and vision, the Sound Work Shop, Synthi Time comprises 14 selections, many of them variations on recurring compositions, done in a variety of musical styles and tempos, executed in a breathtakingly simple synthesizer vocabulary.  Pastoral, exotic, and strangely innocent, Umiliani paints a picture in the mind of a bizarre, alternate dimension dream of a nonexistent children's animation.  It also sounds a lot like a genius playing around with new synthesizers and their tempo/style settings. He's also playing a Hammond organ and a spinetta (a smaller type of harpsichord)



Anonymous said...

Fonit, Serie Usignolo - c 263 - Giampiero Boneschi/Mitridate - Caratteristici

A few wacky organ tracks on this one. I wonder why Boneschi credited half the album to Mitridate, his moniker. Tax?


please upload Teddy Lasry ‎– Interpol and Teddy Lasry ‎– Love Valley , many thanks Thaneco

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff from Italy.Graci amigo!

Zero the hero said...

No problemi

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for these 4 recent Umiliani posts! And for all the other very cool records you've posted on your blog. Thanks!