Saturday, March 7, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Action Printing (1975)

I could not help but uploading this beautiful album by Teddy Lasry which is one of his best. Dedicated to all the fans of French vintage electronic music.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Thaneco for uploading LP of this great composer grateful for helping make this great jewels of the music of these composers Teddy Lasry

Anonymous said...

First and only album from this Swedish duo. Synth-based excursions into the dark, mysterious, possibly haunted woodlands of Sweden. Aside from certain aesthetic touches - ghostly whispers, howling wolves, the awesome album art - Tussilago Fanfara is not too far from the contemporaneous sounds of Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze/Ash Ra/etc.

Anna Själv Tredje
Tussilago Fanfara
Silence, LP – 1977


carlos marrero said...
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