Thursday, March 19, 2015

M. Zalla (P. Umiliani) - Problemi D'Oggi (1973)

A rare and obscure concept Library on the problems of modern life, released on the Liuto label and produced by the master of Italian soundtracks himself, Piero Umiliani, here under his alias M. Zalla. 'Problemi D'Oggi' falls into Umiliani's highly experimental, psychedelic / electronic phase and was recorded in 1973 in the legendary Sound Workshop studio in Rome. the music presented here deeply reflects the pessimistic nature of the issues in charge (social problems, terrorism, world crisis, industrial production, conflicts, mafia)
In this lp, Umiliani uses early drum machines, a modular synth and a hammond organ. The tracks have an abstract-minimal cinematic style creating tension and generaly a mysterious atmosphere.
I dedicate this album to the crisis of the European Union (as of 2015).


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