Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clara Mondshine - Luna Africana (1981) + Memorymetropolis (1982)

"Clara Mondshine" is the artistic name of a man,Walter Bachauer. Legendary German project signed on Klaus Schulze's Innovative communication. A great mixture between spaced out synthesized atmospheres, dark exoticism and avant garde. In the realm of the "Berlin school" and kraut-electro based artists(Conrad Schnitzler, Moebius, Michael Hoenig...)
He released these two wonderful albums!
Luna Africana

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Cluster - Grosses Wasser (1979)

 Grosses Wasser is the seventh album by the electronic music outfit Cluster. It was co-produced by former Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann. Grosses Wasser marked the return to Cluster working as a duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius after two albums collaborating with Brian Eno.

Grosses Wasser was recorded and released in 1979 on the Hamburg, Germany based Sky label. It featured a wide variety of styles, including some of the most avant-garde material created by Moebius and Roedelius since the demise of Kluster with Conrad Schnitzler's departure in 1971, particularly during the middle section of the title track, which occupied all of side 2. Other tracks, including "Manchmal" and both the opening and closing sections of "Grosses Wasser" continued the gentle, melodic style of the previous three albums, while others echoed the rhythmic style of Zuckerzeit, albeit with more of an edge. Steven and Alan Freeman, writing in their book The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, describe the title track, in part, as "...a lengthy suite growing out of silence with atmospheric Florian Fricke-like sustained piano tones, via bizarre crackling electronics onto almost tribal-industrial rock percussives."

Here in WAV format for 100% quality!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

John Carpenter - The Fog (Silva screen-extended edition, flac format) - 1980

The Fog is a 1980 horror film directed by John Carpenter. It stars Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Atkins, and Janet Leigh. It tells the story of a strange, glowing fog that sweeps in over a small coastal town in California, bringing with it the vengeful ghosts of mariners who were killed in a shipwreck there exactly 100 years earlier.
The Fog was Carpenter's first theatrical film after the success of his 1978 horror Halloween, which also starred Jamie Lee Curtis. Though not as big a success as Halloween, the film received some good reviews and was also a commercial success. A remake of the film was made in 2005.
The soundtrack was written with a Moog modular IIIP comprising of 5-9 box units incl. double sequencer complement, an acoustic piano, and a prophet 5 rev.2 (for some of the fx).
Enjoy in flac format and in two parts: 
part 1 , part 2

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13 (Extended score, flac format) - 1976

Assault On Precinct 13 is a 1976 American action thriller film written, directed, scored and edited by John Carpenter. It stars Austin Stoker as a police officer who defends a defunct precinct against an attack by a relentless criminal gang, along with Darwin Joston as a convicted murderer who helps him. Laurie Zimmer and Tony Burton co-star as other defenders of the precinct.

Writer/director Carpenter was approached by J. Stein Kaplan to make a low-budget exploitation film for under $100,000 but with total creative control. Carpenter wrote The Anderson Alamo, inspired by the Howard Hawks Western film Rio Bravo and the George A. Romero horror film Night of the Living Dead. Shot in winter of 1975, production went smoothly and finished on time and on budget. Despite controversy with the MPAA over the explicitly violent and infamous "ice cream" scene, the film received an R rating and opened in the United States on November 10, 1976.
The soundtrack was written by John Carpenter assisted by Dan Wyman, at Sound Arts studio in L.A. It was done with very old technology and completed in about three days. Most of the sounds came from a large Moog Modular synthesizer called "Series III Moog" or "Moog 55". There is also a track with an electric piano (maybe a fender rhodes).
Despite the huge influence it had on many electronic musicians around the world, the film's score remained available only in bootleg form until 2003 when it was given an official release through the French label, Record Makers.
Enjoy the extended version in flac format here!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

John Carpenter - Big Trouble In Little China (2cds limited edition) - 1986

Big Trouble in Little China (also known as John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China) is a 1986 American martial arts comedy film directed by John Carpenter. It stars Kurt Russell as truck driver Jack Burton, who helps his friend Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) rescue Wang's green-eyed fiancee (Suzee Pai) from bandits in San Francisco's Chinatown. They go into the mysterious underworld beneath Chinatown, where they face an ancient sorcerer named David Lo Pan (James Hong).
This is the limited edition of 3000 copies of this amazing soundtrack by John Carpenter. There is heavy use of the prophet vs, prophet 5, Oberheim, Emu Emulator and Arp synthesizers. John Carpenter's music has influenced many electronic composers around the world including myself. Enjoy it!
Cd1 , Cd2

Monday, December 16, 2013

Harald Nies - Earthcreator (2010)


Harald Nies is an electronic composer from Germany. "Earth Creator" is one of his best albums. Catchy synthesizer-melodies gently accompanied by electric guitar solos with elements of 80s and 90s berlin school electronica. A very relaxing and enjoyable album!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wolfgang Bock - Cycles (1980)

Wolfgang Bock comes from the environment of Klaus Schulze, and his 1980 debut ,"Cycles ", is heavily influenced by him. He is a German wizard of cosmic electronics in the direction of early experiments of the Berlin school. This album is full of beautiful sequencer-driven melodies made with the roland system 100 instrument and the mellotron and supported by real drums.
Get it. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peru - Moon (1999)

Peru is an electronic music band from Netherlands consisting of  Jos Van Dungen, Peter Kommers, Rob Papen and Ruud van Es. They begun playing in 1978 and have 6 album releases.
The album "moon" is dedicated to man's questing spirit to explore the vast reaches of space. Among the most interesting things of this album are the sampled voice-overs from Mission Control, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and Pres. John F. Kennedy, which bridge the various pieces with dramatic, time-line credibility. "Moon" is a space-age musical narrative of the historic early days of Cape Kennedy.
Enjoy it in flac format (lossless in 3 parts)
part1 , part2, part3

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Programa - Sintesis Digital (1983)

Programa was an electronic music duo formed in 1983 by Carlos Guirao, who had recently left Neuronium, and Josep Antoni López. In 1999 López joined with José Maria Ciria, who had previously worked with Guirao on both solo and Neuronium albums, to relaunch Programa.

(Link is now fixed)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Carlos Guirao - Revelation (1982)

Guirao was one of the pioneers of electronic music in Spain. Together with synthesist Michel Huygen and guitarist Albert Giménez, Guirao formed the best known Spanish electronic group, Neuronium.
The first Neuronium album was titled Quasar 2C361, (EMI-Harvest, 1977). Next came Vuelo Químico (chemical flight) released in 1978. It was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s literary work and featured the legendary Nico (The Velvet Underground).
After Vuelo Químico, Albert Giménez left the group and Neuronium became a duo. In 1980 Neuronium released Digital Dream under its own indie label, Neuronium Records. Digital Dream featured guitarist Santi Picó as a guest.
Guirao continued his work with Neuronium, releasing The Visitor (1981) and Chromium Echoes (1982). In 1982, Guirao left Neuronium. That same year, he released Revelation, a solo album that continued the Neuronium sound. Revelation featured Guirao on synthesizers and Jose Maria Ciria and Manolo Torres on drumsThe album is all "wav" files (not mp3 - so you get the whole quality of the record!)Get it!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Alan Howarth - The Lost Empire and Retribution soundtracks (1983, 1987)

Alan Howarth, in addition to being a composer, is an accomplished sound designer and editor, having worked on films such as STAR TREK: THE MOTION  PICTURE, POLTERGEIST, TOTAL RECALL, ARMY OF DARKNESS, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, STARGATE and many others. He has been a frequent music collaborator with John Carpenter on his films beginning with ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK in 1980 and including HALLOWEEN II & III, CHRISTINE, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, THEY LIVE and PRINCE OF DARKNESS and Alan has scored many films on his own, including RETRIBUTION, HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, THE DENTIST, HEADLESS, BOO!, EVILUTION, BASEMENT JACK and most recently, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE DRIVE and BRUTAL.
Released in 1983, THE LOST EMPIRE was the feature film debut of exploitation director Jim Wynorski. A mixture of camp fantasy, corrupt villains, and chesty babes – not to mention caped ninjas and killer apes –  the film is a wild and surreal action fantasy that makes the most of its resources despite the lack of a workable budget and loaded with plenty of charm and beautiful women.
RETRIBUTION tells a story about a guy named George Miller that when falls asleep, people die brutally. The problem arises from the fact that when he was born, Vito Minelli (a smalltime crook) was also born. The two of them died at exactly the same moment and they came back in the same body. Thus, when placid, pleasant George is asleep the wicked and restless soul of Vito takes over and sets upon a mad killing spree. Luckily for troubled George, a young psychiatrist realises the truth behind George's nightmares and protects him from the prying eyes of the police.
Both films are low budget (b-movies) but very fun to watch. The soundtracks are made entirely with synthesizers: Prophet 5 and 10, Prophet VS, Oberheim 4voice, Emulator I, Arp avatar and sequencer, Moog vocoder, and Linn drum computer drum machine. Highly recommended for the fans of vintage electronica!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cosmic Jokers - Galactic Supermarket (1974)

The second Cosmic Jokers album, though originally not released under their name, offers another pair of sidelong roller-coaster rides into the cosmic void from the same musicians as the first album, with added vocals from guitarist Göttsching's girlfriend, Rosi Muller, and producer Kaiser's girlfriend Gille Lettmann.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cosmic Jokers - Gilles Zeitschiff (1974)

Despite its dubious origins, Zeitschiff is another wild ride into the furthest reaches of cosmic space rock, an acid trip set to music and with added narration, mostly by Gille Lettmann and also others, including Timothy Leary and his ominous-voiced cohort, Brian Barritt. With much more mixing and manipulation than the Sci Fi Party compilation, and again with tracks segued together, this one doesn't quite reach the intensity of the first two albums, but comes pretty close. Three snippets from the weak first side of Ash Ra Tempel's Seven-Up, with Timothy Leary's lame blues-rock singing, are more effective in the short doses on this album. Plenty of exceedingly trippy keyboard work from Klaus Schulze, especially on "Cosmic Courier Bon Chance" and "The Electric Scene," and the usual Ash Ra-style jamming and riffing provide another space rock soundtrack into the cosmos.
Part 1
Part 2

Cosmic Jokers - Sci Fi Party (1974)

Originally, this was not a Cosmic Jokers album, but rather a sampler to promote various releases from Kosmische Musik, the record label ran by Jokers mastermind Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. With a track taken from each of the other four Cosmic Jokers releases, as well as from Ash Ra Tempel's Starring Rosi and Seven-Up, Wallenstein's Cosmic Century, and Walter Wegmüller's Tarot, which all included some members of the Jokers, it's not too far off to consider this with other Cosmic Jokers releases.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cosmic Jokers - Planeten Sit-in (1974)

The Cosmic Jokers was never an ensemble, per se; its members did not play together as Cosmic Jokers, and in fact were not even asked to join the group. Their music was created from sessions put together by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser and Gille Lettman in early 1973. He arranged for several acid parties to be held at the sound studio owned by Dieter Dierks, where musicians were offered drugs in exchange for recording tracks. Participants included Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze of Ash Ra Tempel, Jurgen Dollase and Harold Grosskopf of Wallenstein, and Dierks. Prior to this, all of the musicians involved had been in the Cosmic Couriers, which had played on experimental recordings by Sergius Golowin, Walter Wegmüller, and Timothy Leary.
Kaiser took the tapes from these sessions, edited and mixed them with Dierks, and released them on his label, Kosmische Musik, complete with the musicians' pictures on the LP sleeve, without asking for their permission. Göttsching did not find out about the record release until he heard it playing in a record store in Berlin and asked the counter help what was playing. Kaiser released five records under the name Cosmic Jokers in 1974, one of which was actually a label sampler and a second, Gilles Zeitschiff, consisted of Kaiser's then-girlfriend Gille Lettmann speaking over sounds taken from prior label releases. While none of the musicians were happy with the recordings, Schulze was so angry after the release of Gilles Zeitschiff that he sued Kaiser. In 1975, Kaiser was forced to discontinue and withdraw the recordings, and he fled the country over the affair, abandoning the record label over the threat of impending legal problems.
 "Planeten Sit-In contains much shorter snippets of music patched together with cross-fades and weird electronic effects. The effects -- burbling electro noises, high-pitched twees, and other sci-fi sounds -- are even more prevalent, erupting out to drown out the drum, guitar, and bass rhythms, as if to make full use of the quadraphonic sound of the original LP. As a much more disjointed effort, and lacking the sustained grooves of the earlier records, Planeten Sit-In is not quite as successful, but still has many fine moments, from the galloping rhythms and siren-like rising synth tones of "Raumschiff Galaxy" to the rotor-blade electronic patterns and echo effects of "Electronic News." The longest track, "Der Planet des Sternenmädchens," adds some vocal trills by Gille Lettmann and moves from loping jam band mode to far more improvisational realms with slow, almost haunting, keyboard tones, to come closest to the prior records. And like those records, Planeten Sit-In represents cosmic space rock in its purest and trippiest distillation. " (taken from All-music.com)

Here(320 kbps)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Cyril - Saturday Night (1980-85)

Washington DC's People's Potential Unlimited has done much good work rescuing and reissuing long-forgotten electrofunk and synth-funk material. Here, they've unearthed more gems from the little-known (but particularly talented) keyboardist and producer Cyril Walker, who also recorded under as Mile High Pie and The Project. Saturday Night is a retrospective featuring eight little-known cuts, most of which are built around thick '80s synths, addictive synth bass and bold vocals.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Jonas Reinhardt - The Mask Of The Maker (2013)

One of the new "vintage electronic" albums that caught my attention is "The Mask Of The Maker" by Jonas Reinhardt.
Jonas Reinhardt  is a San Francisco-based electronic artist (real name is Jesse Reiner), who looks to the analog sounds, organic atmospheres, and hypnotic rhythms of '70s pioneers such as Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, and Tangerine Dream for inspiration.
This is his latest album and I really enjoyed it. I hope you like it too!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Akikaze - Music From The Mesozoic (2009)

Akikaze, Japanese for autumn wind, is the electronic exploration of Pepijn Courant from Amsterdam . Pepijn Courant has studied classical and modern music. This is his eighth album, a prequel to his debut 'Music From Misty Marshes', which was released in 1989.
Synthesizers: Alesis Andromeda A-6; Anyware Semtex XL; Ensoniq SQ-80, TS-10; Korg EXB-MOSS, Mono/Poly, MS-20, MS-50, T-3 EX, Triton HD; Kawai K-5000W; Moog Minimoog, Little Phatty; Music And More MB-33 II; Roland JD-800, SH-101; Waldorf MicroWave XTk-30; Yamaha CS-40M, EX-5, SY-99,
Keyboards: Generalmusic Promega 3; Korg Sigma, VC-10; Solina String-Ensemble
Samplers: Akai MPC-4000; E-mu E-4 XT Ultra; Ensoniq TS-10
Sequencers: Akai ASQ-10, MPC-4000; Alesis Andromeda A-6; E-mu E-4 XT Ultra; Ensoniq SQ-80, TS-10; Korg SQ-10, T-3 EX, Triton HD; Kawai K-5000W; Roland MC-80 HD; Tascam SX-1; Yamaha EX-5, SY-99
Guitars: Motion TEA-625; Adonis GC-205
Acoustic percussion: Tar, wind chimes, rainstick, tambourine, dumbek

Get it here

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thaneco - "The Twelve Planets" & "At The Oracle Of Delphi" (2012)

Thaneco (Thanos Ekonomopoulos) was born in Patras, Greece, in November 1975. Composer of electronic music with several different influences from the electronica of the 70s and 80s (berlin school, krautrock, downtempo).
During 1994-1998 Thaneco studied music composition and piano performance in Moravian College, Pennsylvania (U.S.A) and got the Bachelor of music.
His music can be described as vintage-psychedelic electronica with influences from Rudiger Lorenz, Cluster, Vangelis, John Carpenter and other.
He is also a passionate vintage synthesizer collector and a modular synthesizer enthusiast.
Some of the synthesizers he regurarly uses are: Moog Minimoog model d, SCI Prophet 5, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno 6, Roland SH-101, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Kurzweil 2000, Korg Z1 and many other.

The albums "The Twelve Planets" and "At The Oracle Of Delphi" are his latest. Please visit http://thaneco.bandcamp.com/ (also distributed by CUE-RECORDS of Germany) to listen to his music and support him by buying his albums as flac, mp3, or cds. Please leave your comments after listening to the albums. Your opinion is really important! Thanks!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lambert - Atmosdepth (1990)

German synthesists, keyboard player and producer and distributor of Electronic Music on his own label Spheric Music.Very beautiful berlin school music with lots of imagination!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Area - Maledetti (1976 -Flac format)

Maledetti (Maudits) is the fifth album of the Jazz fusion band Area and was released in 1976. It can be considered a concept album: during the XX° century, an imaginary bank in which history is stored, loses data from the XV° century ("Evaporazione"), causing people forgetting how to govern the world. Some new hypothesis are formulated: power to old people ("Gerontocrazia"), power to women ("SCUM", which uses as lyrics a reading of a writing by Valerie Solanas, the chief of the feminist party SCUM, which stands for "Society for Cutting Up Men"), and power to children ("Giro, giro, tondo" and "Caos (parte seconda)"). "Il Massacro di Brandeburgo numero tre in Sol Maggiore" is a fragment of Johann Sebastian Bach's thirdBrandenburg concerto.

In Flac Format (large file)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Area - Crac! (1974)

Back to prog rock! Enjoy this amazing album from the legendary italian progressive rock band Area.
Area - International POPular Group, most commonly known as Area or AreA, is an Italian progressive rock, jazz fusion, electronic, experimental group formed in 1972 by singer Demetrio Stratos and drummer Giulio Capiozzo. They are known for their left-wing adogmatic Socialist and Communist lyrics. Dedicated to the european union elite!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chuck Van Zyl - Cenotaph (2012)

Exercising his capabilities for symbolism, imagination and creativity van Zyl summons a mysterious cosmic energy - emanating from the nexus of technology and thought. Spacemusic fans know of a new way of listening, as the construct of music has dematerialized into a heightened inexpressible experience. But the greatest music reaches past the initiated.
Chuck van Zyl hits on all the major aspects of this genre, his melodies are human, rhythms machine-like, harmonies ethereal and the range of timbres he creates to voice his music are original and extraordinary. This music is a sincere exploration of the mood and mystery of the Spacemusic genre. With a strong core idea and strong execution Cenotaph offers vast sonic riches. Here we find an intelligence extending beyond the cold logic of machines - as well as a significant contribution to a most intriguing musical universe. The man who made this music is in this music - attending to his own inner theater. Chuck van Zyl makes us believe that we have not just listened to his work, but lived it. (taken from "Cue-Records - Germany" website)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ian Boddy - Options (1982)

Ian Boddy is a prolific British electronic musician and composer. He has been active for over 3 decades with numerous releases and contributions to many international labels such as Flowmotion, Mirage, Signal Records, Colin Potters ICR (Integrated Circuit Records), Third Mind, his own label DIN Records (founded in 1999) and many more.His creative output has been influenced from the 70’s German Krautrock/electronica and especially bands like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.
In the late 70’s and early 1980s Boddy began experimenting at an Arts Council funded Studio in Newcastle called Spectro Arts Workshop, where he was able to use the facility and its equipment (e.g. VCS3, EMS, etc.) to compose and record his first compositions.
This early period resulted in 3 cassette releases on the Mirage label, which showcased Boddy's work with analogue synthesis and tape manipulation."Images" (1979/80), "Elements Of Chance" (1981) and "Options" (1982). Here is "Options"

Ron Berry - The Reaper (1988)

Ron Berry is a true electronic musician who uses a variety of sound devices (some self-built), from analogue and digital sources. This album, as the sleeve notes suggest is part of a series of reissues to cdr, spanning his 9-album output from 1980 to the present day. With a distinct late 80's Neuronium sound this 4-track album is quite an inspiring piece of work. This album was actually recorded during 1986 and is number 5 is the reissue set of 9. It is quite a varied work and apart form the aforementioned influence it is hard to compare this work with any other EM related artists out there. Very atmospheric, sometimes creepy and other times very melodic! for you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Edward Artemiev - Harmony Of The World

Here is a fine collection of Edward Artemiev's great electronic compositions. If you dont have this you're missing an important piece of electronic music history.
Artemiev is a Russian composer of electronic music and film scores. Probably best known for his music in the Soviet era films by Andrei Tarkovsky, Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky, he has been composing since the 1960s. His music was hard to find during the Communist era. Since the early '90s, reissues and collections have multiplied, fostered by Artemiev's successes on the screen.He has been an inspiration for several electronic composers of our time!

Edward Artemiev - Tass Upolnomochen Zayavit (1984)

Here we present the soundtrack of an obscure russian tv series that was created during the cold war. Excellent work - mostly dark and mysterious - by one of the best electronic composers of all times. Here!

Alien Nature - Massive (2010)

This is another great album from Alien Nature, a mixture of IDM and Berlin school music. Nice arpeggios and atmospheric effects with precise key changes make this album a real gem. Highly recomended for the funs of vintage electronica!
Get it

Friday, January 25, 2013

Alien Nature - Station Platforms (2011)

This is one of the few times that I actually enjoy listening to a modern electronic album. And that is maybe because Alien Nature's "Station Platforms" doesn't really sound modern but rather vintage and old school. It is a concept album with field recordings from crowded train stations around the world. There are many interesting sounds made with drum machines and synthesizers that remind me of the 70s and 80s. This album is a real discovery. Dont miss it!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Arcane - Future Wreck (2000)

Arcane date back to the early 70's but this new album by surviving members Gerhard Schreck and Hans-Ulrich Buchloh and an unidentified new member is bang up to date with four lengthy tracks of sequencer riffing and cosmic exploration.. Dark atmospheres and ethereal pads combined with sequencers create an amazing album. There are also ambient moments with flute, melotron and rhodes piano. Highly recommended!Here (flac) - part 1
                   part 2