Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Tutti Fluti (1975)

A hard to find album by Teddy Lasry written in 1975. This one has more....flute but some funky electronic sounds as well (for example, track "Los Angeles"), and is offered here in my blog after your request! Truly beautiful album! Don't forget to visit my "discogs" site  and buy my music to show your love and support to this blog. Thank you very very much!

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Ten Plus - Optimum (1977)

"Ten Plus" are composers Richard Kilian, Claude Carrasu, Roman-Withold Zajaczek (George Callert), and Joachim Sherylee (Real name: Jacky Giordano). This is another great "library" release from label music dewolfe.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Serge Bulot - Sanctuaire D'Eole (1980)

Serge Bulot is a French composer of electronic/space rock music and member of band Pachacamac. This was his first solo album from 1980. It has some weird ambient tracks and space rock music  created by electric violin, analogue synths, acoustic and electric guitars. At times its simple and melodic and other times strange and dark. A difficult album to categorize but really beautiful.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Escalade (1976)

I finally found this beautiful album by Teddy Lasry including the missing tracks. Dedicated to all the lovers of good vintage electronic music.
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Two Faces Of Teddy Lasry (1983)

A great and rare lp from Teddy Lasry that is similar to The "Interpol" lp. Its a mixture of funk progressive rock and electronic repetitive music.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Teddy Lasry - La Femme Qui Venait D'Ailleurs (1977)

Teddy Lasry is one my favourite French electronic composers (can you tell? ). This is one of my favourite albums and took me some time until i found it.


Teddy Lasry - Interpol (1979)

Here is another Teddy Lasry album from 1979. Funky rhythms with clavinet, prophet 5 and Arp Odyssey synthesizers. A real gem. Here it is in lossless format.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Decko - Mythe Xero (1980)

A weird experimental/psychedelic electronic album by the obscure French "Decko". The style is close to the music of Heldon and Pinhas. Here's the line-up:
Composed By, Performer, Synthesizer [Arp 2600], Piano [Schimmel], Flute [Bolivian], Piano [With Special Effects], Organ [Church Organ], Producer, PaintingDecko
  • Design [Conception De Pochette], Liner NotesJean-Marc Bailleux
  • PercussionVincent Daude
  • Recorded By, Mixed ByFrancis Adam

  • Enjoy

    Wednesday, May 6, 2015

    Thaneco and Photis Houliaras - Brain Activity (2015)

    Hello to all the readers of my blog. This is my newest lp, a collaboration with electronic composer Photis Houliaras from Thessaloniki. Fans of Vangelis, Steve Hillman, and Tangerine Dream will love it. Equipment used for this album: Prophet 5, Moog Minimoog model D, Eurorack modular system, U-HE Diva, Dave Smith Evolver, Ableton and Reason sequencers. You can listen and purchase this album from my bandcamp or discogs site. This is a nice way to show your love and support this blog.
    Bandcamp: (you can choose between digital or cd-r version)
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    Saturday, May 2, 2015

    Rudiger Lorenz - Queen Of Saba (1981)

    Rudiger Lorenz was a German electronic composer from Mainz. He was a collector of vintage synthesizers and modular systems. He also made his own modular synthesizers such as the "Loran Modular" and the "Formant Modular". His music is mostly experimental and arppegiator driven. His first albums were in cassete format (Queen of Saba, Silver Steps, Wonderflower...) and considered to be extremely rare. One of my favourite German electronic composers.
    Note: for more Rudiger Lorenz, search for "Silver Steps" here in this blog.

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