Friday, July 31, 2015

Harmonia - Musik Von Harmonia (1974 - FLAC format)

"Musik Von Harmonia" is the debut album from the highly influential Krautrock/Kosmische Musik group Harmonia. Harmonia, was formed by the addition of Neu! guitarist Michael Rother to Cluster, the duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius. They recorded the album from June to November 1973, in Forst Germany. It was produced by the band members.
Ned Raggett's review for Allmusic : "The debut Harmonia album is at once a product of their source bands and a fine new twist on them, resulting in music that captures what for many is the Krautrock ideal..." He adds "'s at once playful and murky, steady and mechanical, a supergroup of sorts who easily achieves and maintains such a seemingly overstated status by embracing a variety of approaches that work wonders."
R.I.P. Dieter Moebius


deebowen123 said...

It's a pity you are sharing the work of an artist who has just died when you should be encouraging people to buy his work. After all, I doubt whether Dieter made loads of money in his lifetime and he has left a family behind.

You need to re-think why you are doing this blog.

Zero the hero said...

Buy the cd to support the artist's family here:

mhdotcom said...

Buy his work? we hadn't even heard his name. maybe you can buy every artist's discography.

deebowen123 said...

@mhdotcom....ignorance is bliss so the saying goes...if so you must be floating in heaven...anyone who is into electronic music knows Dieter Moebius work. He isn't a minor artist and his music is widely available to buy. Idiot.

ASDLR said...

Thanks for a great post.

If you buy the album now (re-edition) you give money to Universal Music Group.

Cr8Z said...

It is more likely to download and go and buy it, than buying it without hearing it or have seen it in this blog.