Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Modern Way (1979)

Library music is the most undocumented form of music out there since it was (and still is, albeit not quite as vibey as in the 60’s and 70’s) created for film and televisions shows and never sold to the public. It was pressed onto very limited edition vinyl and only circulated in the “Industry. French composer Teddy Lasry has several albums published in the Parisian "Patchwork" label.
Modern Way, has both sinister synth, groovy rhythm passages and killer improvisational rhodes and guitar solos…the best of all worlds.



Anonymous said...

Many thanks Thaneco great álbum electronic

Anonymous said...

A skeptic might cast aspersions on the tale behind Jürgen Müller's Science of the Sea. The story begins at the University of Kiel in Germany, where the self-taught composer was studying oceanic science in the late 1970s. Müller purchased some electronic instruments and set them up on his houseboat in the town of Heikendorf, where he began crafting instrumental pieces that reflected his love of undersea life. His dream of selling those compositions to film and TV companies for use in documentaries never transpired. But Müller did press fewer than 100 vinyl copies of the recordings in the early 80s and titled them Science of the Sea, giving most of the albums away to friends and family. Fast forward three decades and a copy of the record ends up in the hands of Digitalis Recordings, just as a resurgence of interest in the type of new age recordings Müller was practicing is taking place, great álbum electronic is beautyfully álbum the great Jürgen Müller's

enjoy !!

Anonymous said...

the great álbum Jürgen Müller Science of the Sea recorded 1982

Anonymous said...

Sorry the album by Jürgen Müller is a pure phoney. I read hes the same guy behind Panabrite I believe.
Yes it sounds dated only because the synthesizers have that sound otherwise another hipster from Seattle I believe. Either he concocted the amateur story of the guy who runs the label to sell more "vintage" music to young hipsters..We arent all sheep. That said it is a good album even without the fake diatribe.

Zero the hero said...

Yes. Jurgen Muller is Panabrite, the guy from Seattle. Its not the first time that an artist has several other pseudonyms.

Anonymous said...

Teddy Lasry and Claude Perraudin great Electronic music composers

many thanks

Anonymous said...

Parry Music Library - pml 168 - Paul Williams - Aquarius

More underwater music, I never seem to run dry..

Parry Music Library - pml 168 - Paul Williams - Aquarius More underwater music, I never seem to run dry..


please upload

Teddy Lasry ‎– Love Valley
Teddy Lasry ‎– Escalade
Teddy Lasry ‎– Interpol
Teddy Lasry ‎– Power
Teddy Lasry - Racing

many thanks thaneco and glown

Zero the hero said...

I just bought the "interpol" album in vinyl format from e-bay. It will be uploaded when I get it

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Thaneco , greats álbums LP Teddy Lasry nice progressive electronic music

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There's up a new library music site:

Check it out: