Thursday, May 14, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Interpol (1979)

Here is another Teddy Lasry album from 1979. Funky rhythms with clavinet, prophet 5 and Arp Odyssey synthesizers. A real gem. Here it is in lossless format.

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Muff Diver said...

Another winner! Thank you, Thaneco!!

deebowen123 said...

Wow, really appreciate this in wav, thank you. Could I request 'Escalade' by Lasry also on Sonimage if possible. Thank you and great Blog.

the saucer people said...

Yeah this is a great album - nice to see it posted here.

As Julian over at Progressive Review originally posted this rip and a few other Teddy Lasry albums last month - it might be nice to offer him some thanks or mention his blog in the actual post - I am sure he would appreciate it!

For anyone new to the wonderful world of Teddy Lasry, there is a collection of links in the comments page here:


the saucer people said...

Sorry, I just saw, you had already posted some great TL albums - so I imagine between the rips Julian kindly provided and your previous posts, there should be collected all the TL rips posted on the net so far.

Just need some kind soul to post the Tutti Fluti album!