Sunday, April 19, 2015

Space Art - Trip In The Center Head (1977)

The second album of Space Art is just as good as the first, giving us distinct melodies that did not flow from one to the next like the songs on the first album, but told amazing stories within themselves. This album contains my favorite Space Art piece, "L'obsession d'Archibald". It is interesting to note that the album was released with two different titles. One was "Trip In The Head Center" and the other was "Trip In The Center Head". It is unknown if this was accidental or on purpose and which one is more rare. The music is identical on both.
If you love synth music you should listen to this album. This download contains two extra tracks.



Anonymous said...

been meaning to track down these supposed classics - looking forward to listening to them. thanks as always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, I really wanted to hear more from this band, I only know a few tracks from "Onyx".

Ultra7 said...

Fascinating album, thank you for sharing, I fell in love with it!

Do you know any other artists who make this spacey type of music?

BongoPedro said...

Thanks for this! I never heard of these guys till I discovered Nous Savons Tout. Can't believe that's a 70's tune! Nice to see there are still some solid links on blogspot.