Monday, February 23, 2015

Ron Boots - Dream Weaver (1987)

This is one of the first albums written by Ron Boots, the famous electronic composer from the Netherlands. It was first released in cassette format (in 1987) and in 2000 it was re-issued in cd format by Ron's Groove Unlimited record company.
"In 1987 this was the very first official cassette release and i must admit that the cover still gives me te chills. It was made by my neighbor of that time:Jack van Diemen with whom I played many nights of music. The other neighbors where not so happy with us but we just had to do it for the music..." (Ron Boots).

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Anonymous said...

Isnt the release called Dream Weaver not Dream Wrecker?

Thanks for sharing with us!

Zero the hero said...

Yeah thanks. It was a typo. Enjoy!

sfdoomed said...

Thank you for all of the amazing music you've been sharing on this blog, Thaneco.
Previously I was only familiar with the more well-known acts such as Klaus Schulze, Achim Reichel, etc., but I've been introduced to so many new (for me) bands/composers through "Sweeter Than Echoes." Efharisto poli!