Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Teddy Lasry - Tutti Fluti (1975)

A hard to find album by Teddy Lasry written in 1975. This one has more....flute but some funky electronic sounds as well (for example, track "Los Angeles"), and is offered here in my blog after your request! Truly beautiful album! Don't forget to visit my "discogs" site  and buy my music to show your love and support to this blog. Thank you very very much!

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Anonymous said...

awesome - thanks a million!

Zero the hero said...

No problem

Paul Harvey said...

You many also like to thank the original uploader of this rip - Julian over at Progressive Review blog who originally posted this on his blog ten days ago!

Zero the hero said...

Thanks Julian. You rock!

Freegrot said...

Excellent, came across his name cause of this movie.