Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thaneco and Photis Houliaras - Brain Activity (2015)

Hello to all the readers of my blog. This is my newest lp, a collaboration with electronic composer Photis Houliaras from Thessaloniki. Fans of Vangelis, Steve Hillman, and Tangerine Dream will love it. Equipment used for this album: Prophet 5, Moog Minimoog model D, Eurorack modular system, U-HE Diva, Dave Smith Evolver, Ableton and Reason sequencers. You can listen and purchase this album from my bandcamp or discogs site. This is a nice way to show your love and support this blog.
Bandcamp: (you can choose between digital or cd-r version)
Discogs:  (only cd-r version)

Thank you my friends and please write your comments! 


sfdoomed said...

The split album with Photis Houliaras is killer, Thaneco. The opening track "Inner Abyss" sets the mood for things to come. At times, the music sounds like a nice blend of Carpenteresque trippy synthwave and early '70s Wendy Carlos. A few tracks have a more modern sound, like some of the more experimental Aphex Twin stuff that came out in the 90's.
One of your best releases yet.

Zero the hero said...

Thank you! Stay tuned for more!