Sunday, February 8, 2015

Astral Sounds - Sound On Sound (1986)

Another rare lp from Astral Sounds. Very dynamic and excellent example of old school synth-pop.



Anonymous said...

many thanks , great LP álbum electronic

Paul Harvey said...

Wow! Just when I thought I had heard all the Astral Sounds albums, along another one comes! I think that takes the count up to 19 or 20 albums!

As you mention in the text for the John Hyde album, he did a lot of the Astral Sounds albums but also Chris Evans-Ironside did a couple and there were others (I actually think John Hyde's brother helped on a couple though I could be wrong).

With one of two excpetions, every Astral Sounds album has at least one great track on it and some like Space Drive, Red Kite, Hercules and a few others who names escape me at the moment are just classics of late 70s/early 80s UK library albums.

Anyway, great blog, you have some real gems on it (a few I lost in a hard drive crash a while back so it is great to hear them again like the Moggi/PU ones.