Saturday, February 28, 2015

Synergy - Sequencer (1976)

Another excellent album by Synergy (Larry Fast) and a great example of Moog Modular use.
Equipment used for this album:
Moog: Modular System 15, 952 Keyboard, Minimoog, Micromoog, 1150 Ribbon Controller, 1125 Sample and Hold.
Oberheim: DS-2 Digital Sequencer, Expander Module.
360 Systems: 20/20 Frequency Shifter.
Musitronics: (Customized) Voltage Controlled BiPhase.
Eventide Clockworks: Instant Flanger, Digital Delay Line.
Synergy Systems: “The Trigger”, (Audio Signal to “S” Trigger), 10 by 15 Voltage Control and Trigger Assignment Panel.



Anonymous said...

Please upload Alex Cima & On-Line Solid State 1986 many thanks Thaneco !!

Dyo Lankester said...

Hi there!
Great site!
Could you make Synergy - Sequencer of 1976 available again?
Kind regards

Zero the hero said...

It is available.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've come across this record before. I have his 'Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra' & it will be interesting to compare the two recordings. Many thanks.


Dyo Lankester said...

Many Thanks,