Saturday, February 7, 2015

John Hyde - New Outlook (1985)

And now, some old school electro pop/library music. John Hyde (or "Astral Soounds") is an obscure composer who has released a large number of lps under various names (John Hyde, Astral Sounds, James Harrington, John Saunders) and his music still sounds fresh and interesting. This is a rare album that was released in "Rouge Music ltd" record company in 1985.



Anonymous said...

Good álbum astral sound , another goog álbum is 1982 - Rеd Kite also the edition lp,s [De Wolfe espacialy Knock Onward good music electronic and orquesta sound , thank you!!

sfdoomed said...

The cover art on this is awesome. It looks like it could be a soundtrack for an old Italian or John Carpenter flick from the 70's.

Thanks as always for sharing.

Ultra7 said...

I love these ultra rare stuff you post, keep up the awesome work!