Wednesday, February 26, 2014

wEirD - A Different Kind Of Normal (1999)

The participants in this project are Jens Peschke and Andy Bloyce from Kubusschnitt. The first thing you hear on this album is a rumbling sequence which leaves you in no doubt that the territory to be explored is decidedly retro. There are Tangerine Dream references but they are mixed in equal part with Klaus Schulze and Ashra influences. The opening track title 'Klaus to the Edge' (!) makes the Schulze reference even more obvious. The guitar when used is very subtle giving colour rather than dominating as a lead instrument. The sequence provides the backbone but the accompanying atmospherics and effects are just as effective. Some of the sounds used will make you go weak at the knees Sequences are used for much of the time but they are never allowed to just run, they come and go and are constantly shape shifting. The guitar at times provides the lead line but just as importantly it adds an extra dimension to the overall sound in just the right places. The music ranges from upbeat and optimistic to dark and hellish particularly on the second half of the title track. Recommended without hesitation.Here!

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