Friday, February 7, 2014

Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Avision (1988)


Joel Vandroogenbroeck, is a Belgian pianist and flutist, born 25 August 1938 in Brussels, Belgium. He received the Art Tatum prize as “youngest jazz pianist” at the age of fifteen, and toured around Europe and Africa including performances with the Quincy Jones Orchestra at the World Exhibition in Brussels and the RAI symphony of Rome. By 1967, Vandroogenbroeck was still playing jazz but he found new inspiration in German krautrock artists Amon Duul II, Can and Tangerine Dream. Under the influence of these groups, Joel and guitarist Ron Byer recruited drummer Wolfgang Paap and formed the trio that would become Brainticket. [1]
During the 80s, Joel followed a solo carreer and released several wonderful electronic albums. Here we present "Avision"

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