Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Schonwalder & Rothe - Filter Kaffee 101 (2014)

Filter-Kaffee 101 is performed and recorded over three years. Schönwälder & Rothe played a lot of real analogue and virtuell analogue gear. On an evening of January 2011 they listened to all this recorded stuff while they were drinking cups of coffee and take the tracks in the right order.
Mastered by Gerd Wienekamp of Rainbow Serpent, the CD-R is a wonderfull nearly 70 minutes long trip into their world of analogue soundsscapes and sequences in Berlin School of Electronic Music. Highly recommended for all fans of the music from the great era of EM, the seventies!
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Anonymous said...

Ach ! Another great Berlin School release...

Zero the hero said...

...and a rare one!