Wednesday, February 26, 2014

John Dyson - Darklight (2009)

John Dyson is a UK musician specialising in sweeping electronica landscapes, rhythmic and melodic synthesiser music. His music could variously be described as New Age and World music in parts.

This is without a doubt John Dysons best album to date. Here he implements the craftsmanship of dynamic electronic grooves combined with some very ethereal and lush sounding synths & guitar work, which in return creates an almost symphonic experience.
Compared to his other CD's, this one has a slightly different approach to it in terms of melody and structure. This time Dyson is leaning more towards the vibes of what Tangerine Dream did back in the days. Some very good highlights/examples are the songs "Retro 82" and "Showers" which indeed showcases that Dyson's ability to create music with a new twist and creativity is a fact.
This CD is a superbly well-crafted extravaganza not to be missed by any fan of instrumental music. It has everything you could possibly expect from a Dyson album and more!
This is what I would call "the new generation of electronic music". Highly Recommended, especially for the fan base of Tangerine Dream.
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