Friday, June 5, 2015

Goblin - Roller (1976)

Having started out as Oliver (releasing a few demo tapes) they later changed their name to Cherry Five, releasing one, eponymous, LP. During the completion of this album, Dario Argento helped bring over the members to score his film "Profondo Rosso"; leading to the final formation of Goblin.

On December 16, 2009, Goblin announced its dissolution. In Summer, 2010, New Goblin was formed. The personnel of New Goblin included Maurizio Guarini, Massimo Morante, and Claudio Simonetti from the original version of Goblin, together with Bruno Previtali and Titta Tani from Simonetti's band Daemonia,

In 2013, Claudio Simonetti left New Goblin and formed Claudio Simonetti's Goblin.
Drums, PercussionAgostino Marangolo
  • Electric Bass, Bass [Ripper]Fabio Pignatelli
  • Electric Guitar, Acoustic GuitarMassimo Morante
  • Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes 88 & 73, Hohner Pianet], Synthesizer [Moog], Clarinet [Clarino], PianoMaurizio Guarini
  • Organ [Vzo Mascioni], Clavinet [Hohner], Synthesizer [Logan, Elka, Minimoog], PianoClaudio Simonetti


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