Sunday, June 7, 2015

Goblin - Profondo Rosso, the complete edition (1975, 1996)

The soundtrack to the film Deep Red (profondo rosso) was mainly composed and performed by the Italian progressive rock band Goblin. Director Dario Argento had originally contacted jazz pianist and composer Giorgio Gaslini to score the film, but he was unhappy with his output, deeming it "awful". After failing to get Pink Floyd to write music for the film, Argento turned back to Italy and found Goblin.[2] In the final score, only three of Gaslini's original themes were retained however, in the film's original theatrical release, Gaslini was given full composer credit for the entire score, while Goblin were wrongly credited only as performers [i.e. "Music by Giorgio Gaslini, performed by Goblin"]. This was corrected in subsequent home video releases.
In 1996, the complete film soundtrack was re-released on CD by Cinevox, under the supervision of Claudio Simonetti. This release includes all the music featured in the film, as well as a remix of the main theme and two sound effects tracks from the film itself.
  • Walter Martino: drums, percussion
  • Massimo Morante: Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, bouzouki, vocals
  • Fabio Pignatelli: Fender Precision Bass (fretless), Rickenbacker bass (fretted), Tabla, Acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Claudio Simonetti: Mellotron (presets: 3-Violins, church organ and 8-Choir), Elka organ, Logan violin, Celesta, Fender Rhodes Electric piano, Grand piano, Harpsichord,[4] Moog synthesizers (Minimoog and System 55)
  • Giorgio Gaslini: Orchestra conductor/arranger
  • Giorgio Agazzi: recording engineer

  • PS: track 25 ("deep shadows") is one of the most beautiful progressive tracks I ever heard!

    Get it!


    sfdoomed said...

    I always have mixed feelings with most of the Goblin soundtracks I've heard. Some of the songs are haunting and perfect to my ears, but others venture too far into funky prog rock noodling (for my tastes). Still, the good songs make it worth a listen or two.

    I think my first exposure was through watching "Suspiria," which had some truly frightening music.

    Thanks for sharing this rare album!

    Jason Bean said...

    Watching this movie right now and I immediately thought the soundtrack was from Gentle Giant, or another one of the prog rock bands of that time period. it sets the mood but is also enjoyable in it's own right. I am looking for somewhere I can maybe get their soundtrack.

    Anonymous said...

    Missing tracks 8, 13, 16, 18