Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zanov - Virtual Future (2014)

"ZANOV(Pierre Salkazanov), one of the first French Electronic Music composer and synthesizer virtuoso , has been active on the musical scene since 1976. He studied piano and guitar, but the turning point was in summer 1975, when he discovered the fascinating world of synthesizers. He set up his home studio with legendary synthesizers as EMS VCS3, ARP 2600, RMI harmonic synthesizer and started to compose.
He composed 3 albums between 1976 and 1982, which are engraved in the memories of electronic music lovers : Green Ray (Polydor) in 1977, Moebius (Polydor) in 1978, In Course of time (Solaris) in 1983. Zanov performed several concerts in France in 1977 and 1978, welcomed by the critics for the beauty of his sounds and for his personal musical universe. Many people were asking what ZANOV was up to these days, creating expectations in the world of electronic music. After a very long absence, Zanov is back for the pleasure of his fans, with a new album: Virtual Future…" (from



Anonymous said...

new zanov?! neat! thanks for posting!

sfdoomed said...

Amazing. I was worried that it would be too "techno" or something judging by the cover, but it's just perfect. A pleasant surprise. Thanks so much!