Thursday, April 2, 2015

Don Voegeli - Oscillations (1972)

Don was a pianist and composer, who wrote classical, jazz and experimental music. He taught in the music department at University of Wisconsin. He was also known for writing the theme song for All Things Considered. Voegeli came up with something that will sound more familiar in 1974. The theme has gone through three more updates since.
"Oscillations" was produced by the National Center for Audio Experimentation, a project of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and University of Wisconsin-Extension.

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Anonymous said...

Thaneco, thanks for this.

urinherren said...

Thanks, his music is outstanding!

Zero the hero said...

You're welcome

sfdoomed said...

I've really been enjoying this the last few days. I love the deep bass tones behind the SiFi-like explorations. Thanks so much as always for the incredible music.