Sunday, August 17, 2014

Robert Schroeder - Pegasus (1990)

The German artist Robert Schroeder composes, produces and publishes successfully Electronic Music worldwide since 1979. At that time he was discovered and promoted by EM pioneer Klaus Schulze.The music of Robert Schroeder is various, but always soulful. He combines spherical synthesizer sounds with rhythmical contrasts, often supplemented by guitars and sometimes also by piano, cello or voices. Schroeder's music spectrum reaches from Electronics, Ambient, ChillOut, Berlin School, Adventure, Trip-Hop to Rock and Classical. Electronic Music in the widest sense is the musical style of this artist who has his roots in the music of Klaus Schulze, Can and Pink Floyd.

In 1982/83 Schroeder created the controversial music PEGASUS. Pegasus was published only in 1990 on the intercity train label. Pegasus is as "Schroeder" - release not from Robert authorised, because the product was intended at the moment of the origin (1982/83) only as Book-MC (addition). 


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