Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mitch Murder - Current Events (2011)

Making 80′s-inspired electro-house has become a trend of the days we live in. Mitch has made it his goal to cut out the club music side and keep a true representation of 80′s music and culture.
Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1980, Mitch grew up marveling at the popular movies and tv-shows of the 80′s, some of which would eventually serve as a seemingly never-ending source of inspiration for his music later on. As the story goes, Mitch is an overworked Wall Street I.T. guy from the 80′s who dreams at night other realities for himself. His music is the soundtrack to those dreams.
Whether you’re going for a late night run under a gloomy, moonlit sky or speeding down neon city streets, Mitch provides the perfect soundtrack to meet your needs.
In a recent interview Mitch Murder told that “Current Events, is all about everyday life during the 1980′s in general to major events that defined the decade. Most of the time it’s pretty subtle though. I just enjoy working around a set theme.”
Well, in my opinion, if this guy lived during the 80s he would be a milionaire. His music is clever, groovy and makes you want to dance. On the other hand I believe he could be better if he wasnt into nightclub rhythms (I would prefer more "cinematic" tracks...). I'm posting this album just to read your reactions and opinion... (post your comments please!)

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megatron said...

Wowwww thanks for recommending Mitch Murder's incredible neon-drenched city cruise retro future! I think it's a good departure from the usual take on 80 glitz.

I am sure you'll maybe also enjoy Perturbator's classic arcade cyberpunk video She is Young She is Beautiful...