Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Patrick Vian - Bruits Et Temps Analogues (1976)

Patrick Vian, a son of Boris Vian (a French poet / writer / jazz musician), was born on Apr. 12, 1942 in Angoulême, France. Obviously influenced by his father Boris, he had been much interested in music and joined various rock projects including RED NOISE as a guitarist in his student days. After Red Noise disbanded, he composed and offered some of the music for the film named Hu-Man (produced by Jérôme Laperrousaz) in 1975. And finally in the following year, as a synthesizer player, Patrick recorded his solo work "Bruits Et Temps Analogues" (1976), produced by Jérôme Laperrousaz and released via Egg label, owned by Barclay Records (lots of promising musicians like Vangelis or Tim Blake were under contract with this company).
In this album, Patrick Vian plays a Moog modular and an Arp 2600 synthesizer.

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