Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cosmic Jokers - Gilles Zeitschiff (1974)

Despite its dubious origins, Zeitschiff is another wild ride into the furthest reaches of cosmic space rock, an acid trip set to music and with added narration, mostly by Gille Lettmann and also others, including Timothy Leary and his ominous-voiced cohort, Brian Barritt. With much more mixing and manipulation than the Sci Fi Party compilation, and again with tracks segued together, this one doesn't quite reach the intensity of the first two albums, but comes pretty close. Three snippets from the weak first side of Ash Ra Tempel's Seven-Up, with Timothy Leary's lame blues-rock singing, are more effective in the short doses on this album. Plenty of exceedingly trippy keyboard work from Klaus Schulze, especially on "Cosmic Courier Bon Chance" and "The Electric Scene," and the usual Ash Ra-style jamming and riffing provide another space rock soundtrack into the cosmos.
Part 1
Part 2

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