Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cosmic Jokers - Sci Fi Party (1974)

Originally, this was not a Cosmic Jokers album, but rather a sampler to promote various releases from Kosmische Musik, the record label ran by Jokers mastermind Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. With a track taken from each of the other four Cosmic Jokers releases, as well as from Ash Ra Tempel's Starring Rosi and Seven-Up, Wallenstein's Cosmic Century, and Walter Wegmüller's Tarot, which all included some members of the Jokers, it's not too far off to consider this with other Cosmic Jokers releases.

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Anonymous said...

The first Jokers album is a Krautrock classic and I like the Sternenmadchen album for what it is, entertaining exploitation. The middle 3 are mostly unremarkable. I read that one of the reasons Julian Cope never went further than his Krautrock top 50 list was because so many fans complained about the Cosmic Jokers not belonging there. The first one does belong there imo, but the rest were just leftovers & cut-ups from the same session. Much better to go to the sources: Ash Ra Tempel & Klaus Schulze, for starters.