Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clara Mondshine - Luna Africana (1981) + Memorymetropolis (1982)

"Clara Mondshine" is the artistic name of a man,Walter Bachauer. Legendary German project signed on Klaus Schulze's Innovative communication. A great mixture between spaced out synthesized atmospheres, dark exoticism and avant garde. In the realm of the "Berlin school" and kraut-electro based artists(Conrad Schnitzler, Moebius, Michael Hoenig...)
He released these two wonderful albums!
Luna Africana


Anonymous said...

Great post ! A much unknown and unusual music from the late Walter Bachauer. Thanks for sharing !

Zero the hero said...

Thanks! I really like these albums!

Anonymous said...

thanks, but ripped with 33rpm, it should be played at 45rpm...

Mischa said...

Not completely true what anonymous said about the speed.
Just the last two songs have the wrong speed.
It's weird. Song 5 is a bit faster, song 6 is even faster still.
Easily corrected though.
Thanx a million, beautiful records.
Mischa from Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!!!