Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dick Hyman - The Electric Eclectics of (1969)

Clever and well-made compositions from Dick Hyman using the moog modular synthesizer. Most of them have the sound of the psychedelic 60s.

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goinsidemyhead said...

oh terrible is this??? I feel bad for my ears, sorry guys, sometimes we veer off hoping to discover something out know? but not this, this is a bad trip... back in 69 this was cat litter lining...but thanks any ways for posting because although I've past this baby many times in dollar bins and garage sales I was always repelled by its shockingly-strange straight vibe, I'd never heard it...this reminds me of Emerson Lake and Palmer because of the who gives a shit feeling when listening to it...ya feel it?

Zero the hero said...

its a great album. Enjoy

Mischa said...

Oh man, don't know on what planet the previous commenter lives ( the one that didn't like this record ), but this is a fuckin' great LP !
He probably doesn't know anything about the history of synthesizers and Moogs and stuff, because this is like a history lesson in electronic sound.
And it's funny too :-)
Uploader, thank you for this.
Kind regards,
Mischa from Amsterdam.

lburger69 said...

first of all youl never find this in the bargain bin, lol, second its a good listen