Sunday, January 11, 2015

Uwe Reckzeh - Virtual Minds (2013)

Uwe Reckzeh ( born December 3, 1958) is a German musician of electronic music. He found his interest in electronic music in 1974 through accidental contact with the album Autobahn by Kraftwerk . There was a passion for Tangerine Dream and Jean -Michel Jarre . In the early 1980s he acquired his first synthesizer, Moog Prodigy and a Korg Polysix , but disbanded after disappointing results for him soon again by them. A few years later he discovered through a friend who worked with a Roland D50 and Atari, but his passion again . He stood with them and other devices a small studio together and started to write new tracks . Together with his friend Karsten Loos ( Kasuma , Kay Stone) , the trance music produced , and the singer Suzy Vering they published in 1995 under the name Project Album Trance Meditation in a limited edition of 70 CD -Rs. A year later, Karsten Loos and Uwe Reckzeh created a second album Universe , this time as a pressed CD in an edition of 500 pieces. Published in 1997 Uwe Reckzehs first CD Behind the Northern Wasteland , which was included in the program of CUE Records. In the same year , the label took SynGate the sales of his albums , which resulted his first live appearance. Beginning of 2008, he signed with the young music label MellowJet Records, which re-released remastered all previous solo albums .
"Virtual Minds" is a classic "Berlin-school" album with an epic sound, long-evolving melodies, and Vangelis-inspired atmosphere. Fans of this style of music will love it.


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