Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sinoia Caves - Beyond The Black Rainbow (2014)

Sinoia Caves is the solo alter ego of Black Mountain's Vancouver-based keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt, who is also a former member of Pipedream and the Battles. Outside the confines of his primary maximal hard rock band, as Sinoia Caves he records exclusively with vintage synthesizers and organs. His spacy, post-psych, post-German sound reflects influences from early Popol Vuh to middle period Tangerine Dream, from Klaus Schulze to Rick Wakeman, Bo Hansson, and composer/director John Carpenter.
This is the soundtrack of the movie "Beyond The Black Rainbow" by Panos Cosmatos. I saw the movie and to be honest I didnt like it. I think it has beautiful pictures and photograph but the scenario is not that great. The music however is awesome! It was all composed on vintage gear: analog synthesizers, Mellotrons, sequencers, arpeggiated synth pads et. al. While Tangerine Dream's soundtrack for Sorcerer is an obvious touch point, so are the self-composed, synth-created scores for director John Carpenter's films, the music of Goblin, and late-'70s Klaus Schulze


Anonymous said...

great álbum electronic music

Anonymous said...

Great album for a singular movie, thank's a lot!