Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mother Gong - Robot Woman 1 (1981)

This is the first in a trilogy of the Mother Gong "Robot Woman" records and the best in my opinion. The story behind this album is as follows: Beta is a Robot woman who wants to be a real woman. She is owned by a man and malfunctions by having thoughts of her own. The man calls a repairman who fixes her and gives her a satellite radio phone so she can talk to other Robot women for some reason. Instead she ends up talking to a government agent who reports her to the authorities. The custom man rapes her because that is just what he does. Then Nuclear war kills everyone and Alien feminists from another planet contact her on her satellite radio phone and she is free.
The music is typical mother gong - space progressive rock with lots and lots of imagination


sfdoomed said...

I can't tell you how much I love your blog. It's great to see such a fine collection of space-80s synth-krautrock music. Thank you for all of the fantastic discoveries!

David Scrimshire said...

I've got this wonderful Album in vinyl - can find it on a CD. Any ideas?