Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rolf Trostel - Two Faces (1982)

"ROLF TROSTEL brought, relatively, fresh wind with his albums, "Inselmusik", "Two Faces", as well as "The Prophet", at the beginning of the 80s, into the electronics scene run, when it was coming into a Punk, new Wave and/or new German wave. With the brand of new digital PPG Wavecomputer 360, he produced sounds, at the time hinted by the near-handed (already) atmospheres of today's Tech-tone, for the prototype of the Drumcomputers. The first two albums, published in a self direction, as well as the "Prophet" work, for which the Norwegian Uniton Label won the copyright, came restored, about twenty years later, not only in a compilation, but in an accesible format. Berlin label Manikin took care of ROLF TROSTEL's cultural inheritance and published his three early eighties albums into a double CD, since the Vinyls are hardly a future generation's remaint. The rough entire of the works ROLF TROSTEL achieved reminds of ASHRA ("Correlations"-like);even with the guitars missing, the rhythms and the aesthetics are a plus (since the Electronic Wave was, back then, arising."
source: a german article, signed Carsten Agthe (translated, plus modifyied in very few places)
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Anonymous said...

Great albums from this underrated musican, much inspired. It's a pity he gave up...