Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paddy Kingsland - Moogerama (1978)

Paddy Kingsland (born 30 January 1947) is a composer of electronic music best known for his incidental music for science fiction series on BBC radio and television whilst working at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Educated at Eggars Grammar School, Alton, in Hampshire, he joined the BBC as a tape editor before moving on to become a studio manager for BBC Radio 1. In 1970 he joined the Radiophonic Workshop where he remained until 1981. His initial work was mostly signature tunes for BBC radio and TV programmes before going on to record incidental music for programmes including The Changes, two versions of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: the second radio series and the TV adaptation, as well as several serials of Doctor WHO
"Moogerama" is a really nice and hard to find lp with beautifull pop melodies played on a moog synthesizer and combined with orchestral instruments. Features the sought after cuts 'March Of The Moogs' & 'Space Race'.
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Anonymous said...

hi friend thasnks for this tip about paddy kingsland lp.
This Moogerama library lp from Amphonic really deserves a special particular attention for the perfect blending between orchestra and analogue electronics, plus has some particular high pitch emotional nmoments with guitar parts, i refer to splndid eponimous "Green Serene" and the marvellous epic "night Watch".
So thanks to your download after hearing it i had chance to grab a incredibly Mint copy of this original lp from 1978 for low price !

To many future listening session enjoyment!