Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zanov - Moebius 256 301 (1977)

French synthesizer artist active in the late 1970's / early 80's. A mystery man hiding behind a pseudonym, it became obvious that Zanov was yet another nom-de-plume of engineer Alain Gross, as revealed on the promo insert (uploaded here in the pictures) where we're told Zanov and S.Ramses are in fact the same person, and as Alain Gross also worked at Ramses Studio...
This album is full of ARP 2600 and VCS3 sounds. A pleasure to listen to! Get it.


SonicImmersion said...

This information is incorrect, Zanov is not the same guy as the mentioned producer nor is her Ramsey. Correct and more info on Zanov on my site

musicyoucan said...

I'm confirming totally what Bert Strolenberg said. Zanov is a real human being :-).
On, you will find a very documented histrory of the guy.
In anycase thank you for your very interesting blog.