Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tim Blake - Magick

UK born and France based composer and keyboardist Tim BLAKE started his career way back in 1970 as a sound and light artist. And while some will associate him most for his numerous stints in renowned bands Gong and Hawkwind, it is as a solo artist he made a name for himself.

His first solo album "Crystal machine" was issued in 1977, and Crystal Machine is also the name most often associated with Blake by keyboard and light effects aficiniados. Together with lights expert Patrice Warrener they have performed under this moniker numerous times, enchanting and enthralling audiences for decades. On occasion, French keyboardist Jean-Philippe Rykiel has participated on these concerts as well, in particular in his formative years, and he also contributed to Blake's second solo effort "Blake's New Jerusalem" in 1978.

The 1980's was a barren period as far as solo recordings from Tim Blake is concerned, but in 1991 he returned with his third full album effort "Magick". Another 9 years would go by before the fourth solo effort "The Tide of the Century" saw the light of day, issued in 2000. The final regular solo album by Tim Blake came in 2002, in the shape of "Caldea Music II".

Since then Blake has opted to stay away from the old-fashioned scheme of releasing music on physical formats, and has chosen to go all digital instead. He currently purvey his various solo efforts digitally exclusively from his own website.

Blake's career was put on halt in 2004, when he suffered serious injuries in a car accident, but in 2007 he had recovered and decided to hook up with long time associates Hawkwind. He's an active member in this band to this day, and is currently busy with the rest of the band celebrating their 40 year anniversary as recording artists.

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