Thursday, December 18, 2014

Steve Hillman - New Horizons (1986)

Pioneering UK synthesizer artist from the West Midlands, who released a number of cassettes in the 1980's, all in a unique style, mostly influenced by Tangerine Dream and ancient mysticism, especially on "Ashtar" which strongly featured his wife Linda on flute.
Steve is still active as a musician today, and has diversified with other projects.


Anonymous said...

Nice one! This is rare as heck. I dont believe it ever came out on cd. I worked with Steve Hillman whos guitar sound is a time capsule of 70s era kratrock *think Edgar Froese/TD*.

Zero the hero said...

Some tracks of this album came out on cd. I think its called "Evocations/New Horizons" and it has tracks from evocations as well.

sfdoomed said...

Amazing material. Thanks so much for sharing!

omayyad said...

Link broken. Could you please fix it?. Lots of thanks !!