Monday, December 8, 2014

Neuronium - Quasar 2C361 (1977)

This is the debut album from Neuronium. Highly recommended for the fans of vintage electronica.
Carlos Guirao/Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards (Logan String Ensemble)
Albert Giménez/Guitar, Effects (Audiogenerator)
Michel Huygen/Roland, Poly Korg Synths, Keyboards (Elka String), Effects (Audiogenerator)

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Anonymous said...

Great first album by dear old Michel Huygen and Carlos Guirao (RIP)before the must have "digital dream" and "the visitor". Thanks for sharing that one.

sfdoomed said...

Amazing. Thank you so much. Or in this case I should say, "muchas gracias!"

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff!!! I appreciate it very much!