Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tim Blake - Waterfalls In Space (1979, 2006 digital release)

Timothy 'Tim' Blake is a keyboardist, synthesist, vocalist, and composer with both Gong, and Hawkwind. Blake is best known for his Synthesizer and Light performances as Crystal Machine, with the French Light Artist Patrice Warrener.
Blake first worked as the engineer at Marquee Studios, where Daevid Allen was recording his first solo album Bananamoon in 1971. At the end of the sessions Allen had invited Blake to come back to France to be Gong's sound mixer, but he refused. He eventually joined Gong full-time in September 1972 as the band's keyboard/synthesizer player, being among the first to bring the synthesizer out of the studio and on to the stage. He appears on all 3 albums of the Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy; Flying Teapot, Angel's Egg, and You. He left Gong in early 1975, prompting the eventual departures of almost all of the other members of the 'classic era' (with the exception of Pierre Moerlen, who continued the band under the name of Pierre Moerlen's Gong).
Blake began a solo career under the name of Crystal Machine, which is noted for being the first live act to introduce the use of Laser lighting in the entertainment world. After 2 solo albums 1977's Crystal Machine and 1978's Blake's New Jerusalem, Blake joined another noted "space rock" outfit, Hawkwind, for a short stint between 1979 and 1980, and has sporadically rejoined them on several occasions, and since December 2007, is still with Hawkwind, with whom he performs on Theremin and what he chooses to call " Virtual Lead Guitar" .
Waterfalls In Space was first released as a cassette album (in 1979) and later (2006) was digitaly remastered by Tim Blake himself. The music is basically a collection of tracks recorded during the rehearsals of a Japanese tour. Tim Blake is also accompanied by 16 year old Jean Phillipe Rykiel.



Anonymous said...

Superb blog. Very rare music I personally have grown found of over many years and a heaven sent alt to mainstream music. Thanks!!More please?

Vimana Fusion said...

Can you please reupload this?