Saturday, November 29, 2014

Akikaze - In High Places (1993)

Akikaze, Japanese for autumn wind, is the electronic exploration of Pepijn Courant (in English pronounced as Pepine Coorant). Pepijn Courant was born in Amsterdam on 30 January 1966.
In 1977 he took piano lessons. He mainly studied classical music by composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, but also modern music such as by Béla Bartók. This seven year training was to have a big influence on his way of composing.
The title "In High Places" refers to Hoogoord, the name of the building in south-east Amsterdam were Pepijn Courant then lived. This CD, as all music by Akikaze, was recorded at home and was mainly inspired by mankind’s great achievements such as the conquest of the moon and the climb of the Mount Everest. The guitar parts were performed by guitarist Dirk Zeeman, a blues musician, who appeared on a CD for the first time.


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