Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cluster - Sowiesoso (1976)

Seven instrumentals presented here by the experimental duo that brim with creative textures interacting against a vaster sonic backdrop. The volume is set at the customary Cluster
range of piano-pianissimo. The opening title track hums along gently like a
musical coffee perculator, as string synthesizer lines whisper in and out of the
song like cirrus clouds. The skipping pace of "Umleitung" presents some comic
relief, with Cluster banging percussion and howling along like madmen throughout
the song. The three remaining pieces of this album exude the kind of
traditional, picturesque beauty conjured up in viewing a Monet or Renoir
painting. Excepting "Umleitung" (which you could program out with your CD player
if so desired), this is one of the most perfect albums I can think of with which
to drift off to sleep at night in bed; utterly graceful and calming music.
Here (flac)


joe v berlin said...

Not surprisingly I guess the link to this is no longer working. I am discovering some electronic albums here.
Would it be possible to offer a new link?

joe v berlin said...

Its ok - I went and bought it through amazon instead. Glad I did.