Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A.R. Machines - Eine Grune Reise, Erholung (1971)

A.R. Machines is Achim Reichel's progressive-krautrock solo project.

Achim Reichel (born on January 28, 1944) is a musician, producer and songwriter from Hamburg, Germany. He is known for his 1991 single "Aloha Heja He", as well as for having fronted British Invasion-influenced band The Rattles, who, among other achievements, were selected to open for The Beatles on the Fabs' last-ever tour of Europe in 1966.

In 1968, he co-founded the psychedelic rock group Wonderland which also included English ex-patriate Les Humphries who would soon start his own Les Humphries Singers. In 1971, Reichel left the group for his own progressive Krautrock solo project, A. R. & Machines, of which the first album Die grüne Reise (The green journey) was critically acclaimed and likened to bands such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Since 1975, Reichel has taken a keen interest in recording traditional German songs and classic poetry as modern-style music, which includes such albums as Dat Shanty Alb'm (1975), Klabautermann (1977),Regenballade (1978), Fledermaus (1988), Melancholie & Sturmflut (1991, including the hit Aloha Heja He), Wilder Wassermann (2002), and Volxlieder (2006).

"Eine Grune Reise, Erholung" (The Green Journey, recreation) is, in my opinion, just like an LSD trip. This is highly recommended.

2007 Tangram Remastered Deluxe Edition
1. Globus (Globe) (2:56)
2. In The Same Boat (2:06)
3. Schönes Babylon (Beautiful Babylon) (5:01)
4. I'll Be Your Singer, You'll Be My Song (Ich Bin Dein Sänger, Du Bist Mein Lied) (2:25)
5. Body (1:57)
6. A Book's Blues (1:39)
7. Als Hätt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen (As If I Had Seen All This Before) (5:31)
8. Cosmic Vibrations (4:41)
9. Come On, People (2:53)
10. Wahrheit Und Wahrscheinlichkeit (Truth And Probability) (11:40)

Total time: 40:49

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