Saturday, October 16, 2010

Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts (1971)

Peter Hammill (guitar and vocals), Nick Pearne (organ) and Chris Judge Smith (drums and wind instruments) formed Van der Graaf Generator in 1967 when they were students at Manchester University. SInce then they have released 11 albums including "Trisector" (2008).
Pawn Hearts is the fourth album by English progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator, released in October 1971. It is hailed as one of the masterpieces of progressive rock by many fans of the genre
It contains just three tracks, "Lemmings", "Man-Erg" and the 23 minute concept piece "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers". Fripp again provided a cameo appearance on guitar. The album proved highly successful in Italy, topping the chart there for 12 weeks[5]. The single "Theme One" was number one of the charts in Italy, too. "Theme One" was an instrumental piece, originally written by Beatles producer George Martin as a fanfare for the BBC radio station Radio 1, later to appear on US pressings of Pawn Hearts.

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Elliot Knapp said...

Great album, tied with Godbluff for my favorite VdGG! Just reviewed it too here on my blog.